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Dedicated to various types of switching power supply, power adapter, charger, power supply, electric vehicle power supply transformer, R & D and manufacturing, product specifications, widely used in household appliances, lighting, IT communication /AV information products, electric vehicles, etc. in different fields to meet the various needs of the market.

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Years of professional manufacturer of power adapter

Mitra Power Solutions CO.,Ltd is private owned company, located in DongGuan Hengli mainland China, was established in June 2013.
It is abbreviated as Mitra. Mitra focus on R & D, OEM and ODM of various types of switching power supply, AC/DC power adapter, waterproof power suply, charger, electric vehicle power supply, and transformer. Mitra's  products are widely applied in household appliances, lighting, IT communication / AV products, electric vehicles, etc., comply to the various needs of the market.
We have gain several years manufacturing experiences with advanced production testing equipments to offer end customers with reliable quality products . There is a series of modern completed depar…

Our Products Pass Strict Quality Control ISO 9001:2015/ISO 14001:2015 Certificate


1.Effective Policy

Comprehensive quality management,Innovation,Quality first,Customer first

Sustainable,Offer innovative,Meet customer expectations and demand

2.Orderly Quality Department Organization Structure

3.Professional Quality Control System 

 4.Perfect Quality Process 5.A comprehensive quality inspection process


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Mitra Power Solutions Co.,Ltd


Mobile phone: Rita 13652683392(CHINA)
                         Rossi 13825760361(OTHERS)

Skype: yz-liwanling


Address:No.1 industry area, cunwei , hengli town, Dongguan city, Guangdong province, China (mainland )




Taipei branch (Xiangyu Electronics)

Address: Road Tucheng Jincheng New Taipei three No. 255 4 floor 7

Telephone: 02-8262-3797

Fax: 02-8262-4103

Contact:Jackson Project Manager (0938660536)


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